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October: Finally, my social anxiety helped me book a job! Super stoked to participate in Inkwell Theatre's reading of Sisters of Transformation. Performances in December, more info to come!

Still playing every week with Rasputin over at iO. Join us on Saturday nights in the DCT if you like fun!

September: I've got a commercial running like crazy! Have you seen it? (Hint: it involves dancing at the deli!)

May: I just booked a national commercial! Wish I could tell you about it, but we'll have to wait until it airs. ;)

My play Delicate Blossoms is getting another reading with Neo Ensemble Theatre on May 20th. The staged reading is free and open to the public. 

And my improv team Rasputin is still running at iO West on Saturdays at 8 pm. Find us in the Del Close Theatre - use the side entrance on Cosmo Ave. We perform our signature style of improv and we host an improv jam. And it's still FREE!

April: My totally rad improv team Rasputin earned a run at iO West! Starting April 5th, we've got the Saturday at 8 pm slot. You'll find us in the Del Close Theatre - that's around back through the side entrance on Cosmo Ave. Not only will we be performing our signature style of improv, we'll be hosting an improv jam. Best of all: it's FREE!

And Sock Puppet Sitcom Theatre's April offering is the 90's classic Friends. Guess who I play? Go on, guess!!

March: Hooray for Sock Puppet Sitcom Theatre's March offering of Roseanne at The Echo! 

February: Couldn't be more thrilled about Neo Ensemble Theatre's reading of my dark comedy "Delicate Blossoms"! The reading will be held at Burbank Senior Artists Colony; 240 E Verdugo Ave, Burbank on  Tuesday February 18th at 7pm sharp.

I am currently playing with a couple of long form improv teams that are shaping up quite nicely, thank you. I'll post my upcoming shows as soon as dates are confirmed.

And if I wasn't busy enough, I'm already looking forward to rehearsals for Sock Puppet Sitcom Theatre's March offering of Roseanne at The Echo! It's a tough call, but this may be my favorite Sock Puppet show.

January: Happy New Year! Hitting the ground running with commercial auditions, new heashots, a secret writing project (or three), and lots of improv practice. 


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