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July: Happy Independence Day! Forget fireworks, I'm still basking in the after glow of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. So many friends were honored and recognized - and rightfully so. I am proud to be a part of such a talented community. My own show was recognized with the Encore Producers' Award, and will have a two show extension August 1st and 2nd. If you didn't get a chance to see it during the Fringe Festival, here's a reprieve!

June: It's on! Absolutely thrilled to be a part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival and the warm, friendly, inspiring community of artists. My solo show, The Last Known Recording of the Lovely Lenore Sisters is already receiving good feedback from audience members! Wish I had time to see more of the 275 Fringe shows, but I'm squeezing in as many as I can!

May: Tickets for The Last Known Recording of the Lovely Lenore Sisters at the Hollywood Fringe Festival go on sale May 1! Get yours here.

April: Sweating blood and loving it - my solo show is quite the effort! It previews June 6th, and I already feel the crunch. Whew! I am going to be a one trick pony until the end of June.

March: It's official - I am doing a one woman show in the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It's called The Last Known Recording of the Lovely Lenore Sisters, and it's a total project of love. You can find out more on my page here or on the Hollywood Fringe page. I'm even blogging about the process, if you want to follow along.

February: Having a blast with a Sketch writers over at iO. We've got shows on the 8th in the DCT and on the 21st on the iO Mainstage. Please see the calendar for more details.

I also have a super big announcement...that I can't share just yet. Waiting to sign on the dotted line (and as of this writing, Mercury is retrograde. WAH wah). As soon as the deal is inked, I'll spill.

January: Happy New Year! 

Rasputin, my improv team, has aged out of "New Forms Night" at iO West! Since we have been playing there for almost a year, we are no longer "New"! We are counting down our last shows on the 3rd, 24th and the 31st this month and after those close, we have decided to take a hiatus. It has been an AMAZING run with this warm and funny bunch and I feel so blessed for the time learning and playing with this team.

Speaking of iO West, I just got cast in a sketch project over there that I am SUPER jazzed about! Performances will be in February, and I'll update the Calendar listings with the details soon!

Other that, I'm still auditioning for some really cool stuff, taking classes at UCB, and I've got a secret project in the works. It's going to be an exciting year!


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